Journal Entry- July 7th, 2019

The blood of my Lamb is exceedingly more powerful than you comprehend. It is limitless in power and potency. It is bigger than heaven and forgiveness of sins. The blood of my Lamb is to make you like me. My blood, not just covering your sins, but marking you as mine. Your identity is in my blood. You are my bloodline! You are my flesh and blood, my family, my own sons, and daughters. You are my blood! Blood is thicker than water and you are thick with me. Rest in my blood. My lamb was slain to mark you and make you mine.

Now for your testimony: what will it be? Only what you have seen and experienced? Why so small? It’s so much bigger. Why not make my testimony about you, your testimony about you? Why not say what I say? Your story must align with my story for your life! I wrote this book. I wrote your life. Expand your testimony and align it with mine. It’s not about your past; your story is about your future! Who do I say you are? What do I say about you? What is my story over your life? Declare that. Project that and let it resonate throughout your universe! I am just that good.

And finally, love me more than life itself. Die for me daily. Lose your life for me daily. Love not your own life, but love my life in you! It’s better. Focus on my life.  Live the life I want to live through you. This is the secret. Trust me. I have you. Go for it. Swing hard for me and my glory. I am with you. How much more will your heavenly Father give you all good things? How much more? Exceedingly, abundantly, above anything you could ask, think, or even imagine, According to the power already at work in you. It’s more. It’s bigger. It’s farther. Take off all limitations. Higher, deeper, wider. It’s always more with me, not less. I am the exceeding one. I will always exceed your expectations. Push the limits of expectation and watch what I can accomplish in you. My love for you knows no bounds. More. It’s more. Always and forever. I love you.